Phyllis A. Taylor – “Pannet” – in front of her mixed media painting “Love Called My Name”.

Phyllis is a Certified Teacher of the Intentional Creativity® method of painting which she teaches in her various classes and workshops. Intentional Creativity® teaches in order for stories to change how they effect us – we have to change how they live inside of us, how they are stored and how we relate to them. Working with our wounds through therapeutic tools is powerful and healing and has given a voice to the “unspeakable stories”. However, many of the stories, don’t change their domination over us just through getting them conscious, although related to differently than before, through witnessing and sharing them out loud.  A lot of the grooves of how our old stories work, are connected with how our brains work. We can learn to work with our brains to heal our stories, re-patterning and yet there is still so much will and mind needed to truly change the grooves. This is why so many powerful healing remedies involving the body, breath, art based and heart-based therapies have come on the rise to bring us new information about how we function as humans, and how we can also help heal ourselves.